Controlling Your Emotions

Updated: Mar 29

It can be hard to manage your emotions if you do not fully understand where they are coming from or why you are feeling them. Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us. Emotions are hard to understand and sometimes they control us more than we do them. In order to truly control your emotions you have to: Identify the emotion, identify the cause, and identify the best action.

Identifying your emotion is sometimes the hardest part of the process. Emotions are complicated things and cannot always be lumped into one individual category. You can even feel multiple emotions at once. However, in this process we are going to choose one emotion to resolve at a time. Figuring out your emotions is the best first step in regaining control of yourself.

Identifying the cause of your emotions can generally be easy. However, people with depression and anxiety can sometimes feel a certain way for no reason. Even if you can't identify the cause we can still move on to the next step. It is just a helpful part of the process. If you can identify what is causing your emotions you can either help stop that emotion by eliminating that source from your life or you can increase the emotion by increasing that source's presence in your life.

Resolving your emotions in a healthy and mature way can be an issue for some people. However, it is very important if you want to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and other people. Each emotion is different to deal with so finding the healthiest way to deal with it can sometimes be hard. One thing remains the same overall though, do not act on impulse when dealing with strong emotions. Make sure that you stop and think before you act.

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